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My Ultralight Computer Geared to Travel

Well, I just got all set up with my fancy new travel computer. The goal was to remove the need for a laptop and desktop computer while still meeting these needs:

•Compatible with a broad range of apps and services
•Able to video message and send photos
•Able to use wordprocessing apps

So this is my first attempt at managing my website using only an iPad Mini 2 and an Anker Ultra Compact Bluetooth Keyboard.

So far I’ve been able to do everything from this little keyboard and it has full functionality. I can hit the home key without touching the iPad, I can adjust volume and brightness, show and hide on screen keyboard, play and pause music… just about everything without touching the iPad.

The keys are snappy and responsive too. No double inputs when typing.

It’s really quite a joy!

I have my WordPress app to manage this site where you currently are reading.

My next biggest concern was being able to read and respond to business and professional emails. Job applications are a huge part of my seasonal work and having the ability to edit, type, and send my resume and cover letters in nice looking formats is important!

Fortunately Google saved my skin with “Docs” the Google Drive app (and web service) that is a fully featured word processing program.

I can edit and attach my resume and cover letter using Google Docs. I can type up and edit the occasional document for any other purpose using the same service. And I like to use Google Sheets, a fully featured version of Excel.

Now to test the ability to format and upload pictures within the WordPress app…

Edit: After some testing, image adding using the WP App is less than desirable. Currently working on figuring it out!