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Working Toward an Ultralight Lifestyle

For years it’s been appealing to me to apply my heavily ultralight backpacking style to my front country living. I think it’s finally time.

My older Macbook Pro has finally died and I will be getting rid of it soon. As I sit here typing on my desktop computer, it is listed for sale on Craigslist. I’ve decided to replace them both with an iPad Mini 2 which I ordered with a Bluetooth keyboard in order to easily facilitate emails, job resumes and applications, and keeping up on this site.

My iPhone 5 is eligible for an upgrade but it’s time to take another look at that. I’ve been saying to myself and friends for years that I’ve though about switching back to a “dumb” phone. It’s now or never, I suppose! So I’m going to sell the iPhone for what it’s worth and either reactivate or purchase a new pay-as-you-go QWERTY style “dumb” phone.

I will replace the lost functionality of the iPhone with the wifi only version of the iPad Mini 2 which I purchased. When I’m on the road or traveling, it will be phone calls and text messages only unless I’m near wifi. I will, for now, borrow a GPS car unit when needed but that brings me to the car…

I’m looking forward to selling the car. That’s right, I’m going to voluntarily get rid of a perfectly good car. Hopefully for a reasonable market value.

I’m hoping to be able to fit two (or three) changes of┬ácarefully selected clothes, a few small necessary front country toiletries, the iPad (and mini Bluetooth keyboard), my “new” dumb phone, and whatever select seasonal necessities in a backpack.

As I sit here looking around my room, having already sold two pairs of extra skis, an extra helmet, and a pair of boots… there’s not much left that I really need.

Here’s what I have left to tackle:

I have a printer but I’ll sell or donate it and just print the occasional page at the library or other office supply store.

I have an extra pair of ski bindings but they’re listed to be sold (soon hopefully).

I have an unnecessarily large pile of clothes for the season which I will donate much of.

My bed is an inflatable mattress which I will either store with the skis or ship home to be stored with family until next season.

The desktop and laptop, as mentioned, need to be sold.

There are a few odds and ends that I brought along which I will try to sell or donate such as an extra pair of shoes, a couple physical books (I recently switched to Kindle) and an extra laptop satchel.

I have a few other odds and ends which would be nice to store until next season (blanket, pillow, etc.).

Doing some research, I can get a hold of a 4 x 1 foot storage unit (what an odd shape!) for $20 per month. Probably worth it to store the few larger and more expensive items (skis, boots, inflatable bed, pillow, blanket, winter clothes etc) until next season.

I may gather up all my shit, put it into a pile in my room, and slowly whittle away at it. Getting rid of the car is going to be the biggest and most difficult leap of faith in this project.

Wish me luck!