Southern Appalachian Trail Ultralight Gear List

Note: You may be interested to read my ideal packing list (wish list) for this hike.

Pack List Used 2014 May – July
Item Weight (oz) Category Total (lbs)
SHELTER 31.85 1.99
HH Ul Asym Zip w/ Mods & Dynaglide Whoopies 20.35
MLD Spinn Tarp w/ Guylines & Tensioners 8.55
MSR Mini Groundhog Stakes 0.70
Tree Hugger / Toggles 2.25
SLEEP 22.75 1.42
UGQ Top Quilt 50 deg 10.30
MLD Cuben Dry Bag 0.65
Quilt Liner 3.00
1/4″ CC Foam Pad 8.80
COOKING 4.55 0.28
Starlyte Stove 0.50
Windscreen 0.55
FBC Cozy 1.50
Mini Bic 0.40
Foster Flat Bottom w/ Handle Mod 1.30
SS Aluminum Spork 0.30
CLOTHING 41.65 2.60
Marmot Essence 5.60
Rain Kilt zPacks 1.90
zPacks Cuben Dry Bag 0.85
REI Polyester Hoodie 6.90
OR L/S White Polyester 3.80
MH Wicked Lite 4.10
TNF Running Shorts 3.65
MB Dynamo Wind Pants 2.70
MB Tachyon Anorak 2.00
Extra DT Sock 1.75
Extra DT Sock 1.75
Bottom Thermals 5.60
OR Beanie 1.05
MISC 8.40 0.53
Micro Towel / Bandana 0.60
Victorinox Knife 0.70
ID, Debit Card, Cash + rubber band 0.65
Platy Bottle 0.90
Platy Bottle 0.90
LokSak for AT Guide 0.40
Cuben ditty bags 0.15
Repair Kit 1.00
Cuben Dry Bag (food) 1.15
Nite Ize Mini S-‘Biner 0.25
DynaGlide Bear Rope 50′ 1.30
Suluk46 Trowel 0.40
Dr. Bronners 1.40
Bug Repellant 1.00
Bleach Water Purification 0.90
Foot Cream 1.00
Toothbrush 0.30
Med Kit 2.25
ELECTRONICS 18.95 1.18
BD Headlamp w/ Batteries 4.20
Extra Batteries (AAA*4) 1.65
Charging Cables 1.15
Anker Battery Pack 4.75
iPhone 5.10
Dual Charger 2.10
CARRIED/WORN 66.00 4.13
GG LT3C Poles 5.55
GG Gorilla (Frameless) w/ mods 19.25
Sunglasses w/ Lanyard 1.15
MH Wicked Lite 4.10
LaSportiva Electron Shoes 26.00
Dirty Girl Gaiters 1.00
MH Running Shorts 3.70
Darn Tough Sock 1.75
OR Swift Cap 2.00
Vibrating Alarm Watch 1.50
Totals Weight (oz) Weight (lbs)
FSO Weight 201 12.56
BPW 135 8.4375

A few notes about this list:

  1. This is the actual gear list which I started my hike from Springer Mountain with in May of 2014.
  2. This list is appropriate only for summer conditions.
  3. Some of the gear choices herein listed were not ideal, some were made because I already owned a certain item and a lighter version was more expensive than I felt warranted by its relative weight savings.
  4. The electronics category is the largest section with room for weight savings and is the category I will continue to work on. For many hikes it would be completely possible to entirely do away with the charger and charging cables and only carry the phone turned off in case of emergencies.
  5. Next time I visit the Appalachian Trail I will take David Miller’s AT Guide in PDF format on my iPhone.
  6. If you have questions about individual gear choices please check my Ideal Warm Weather Appalachian Trail Ultralight Gear List and, if your question or comment has not been resolved, contact me!

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