Gadget Review

Gadget Review Casey FiedlerCasey works actively with Gadgetreview to curate “best of” lists on outdoor topics.  Poke your head over there from time to time to see what’s new. You should see about two new articles from Casey each week.

Top 10 Outdoor

Top 10 Outdoors Casey Fiedler

Top 10 Outdoor works to compile lists of outdoor gear and advice for those seeking to improve their knowledge of the outdoors. You may occasionally see additional articles at Top 10 Outdoor from Casey but often he works only sporadically with this site. Go check out some of their cool articles!


Kulkea Ski Logo

Casey has teamed up with Kulkea to test and review some serious sick ski gear! Boot bags and ski bags are Kulkea’s specialty – seeking to stay ahead of the competition with ingenuity. Casey highly recommends the Boot Trekker bag.


Ski Hab

Casey writes and consults on social media strategy for Dr. Jen Faber at SkiHab, a site focused on skiing injury prevention and recovery as well as physical conditioning. If you want to join a great community and take your skiing to the next level while avoiding injury – get there!


Slick and Twisted Trails Casey Fiedler

A resource for hikers by hikers. Casey actively writes for Slick and Twisted Trails, contributing expertise to the great readers there. Expert level backcountry travel insight for the every day hiker!


Casey writes for Paddle Pursuits

If you’re a kayak or canoe enthusiast, this is a must-visit site. Stay up to date with some great resources for paddlers and read my articles as I help bring backcountry travel knowledge to paddlers.


Casey contributes to Outside PursuitsOccasionally providing insight and resources for the sections of this site in which Casey is most knowledgeable to help readers get the most out of their time here. Covering many sports and activities, this site takes a look at a ton of the outdoors!