Casey’s Ultralight Gear Guidelines

  1. Use the most effective tool for the purpose.
  2. Use the cheaper of two equal options.
  3. Use the more simple of two equal options.
  4. Make gear choices based on your level of skill and knowledge.
  5. Make critical gear choices based on the worst case you can reasonably expect to encounter.
  6. Not every gear choice can (or should) be made purely based on the weight of the item.
  7. Respect everyone’s gear choices when they are a matter of personal preference.
  8. The weight of your pack often is an inverse function of one’s level of competency and knowledge.
  9. The more you know, the less you need carry.
  10. Do not sacrifice items which may unreasonably limit your safety net.
  11. With few exceptions lightweight gear is less durable (by no means less functional) than its contemporary counterpart.
  12. Treat your gear appropriately.
  13. Do not be afraid to weigh everything obsessively.
  14. Expect some hostile comments from contemporary backpackers.
  15. Cottage industry manufacturers, in my experience, almost invariably beat major brand names for quality and weight with clothing being the most notable exception.


Note:   Expect to see this list change as I revise it to be more concise and appropriate. This list is, by no means, perfectly inclusive or all encompassing. There are exceptions to every rule (thus I named them guidelines) use your head and be ready to accept change.


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