Author in Sinks Canyon State Park, WY.

Casey Fiedler regularly publishes practical and insightful articles for current and aspiring outdoor educators and enthusiasts. His education and employment history revolve exclusively around Outdoor (and Adventure) Education. Casey’s goal is to bring readers high quality, experience based information surrounding the Outdoor (and Adventure) Education industry.

Casey has lead backpacking and canoeing trips in Wyoming, North Carolina, Tennessee, Michigan and Massachusetts. Casey is a certified WFR (prior WEMT), LNT Educator, and a member of the Professional Ski Instructors of America. Casey completed his first adventure and orienteering race in 2013. He loves to talk gear and always counts ounces.

Casey launched his first website at age 12 and has dabbled in web development ever since. He launched The Adventure Lifestyle Blog in August 2010, a project which was invaluable but now abandoned. His most recent project (this site) was launched in January 2013, and hopes to build on the experiences of past web projects. Outdoor industry jobs keep him constantly moving and each month might find him bouncing from the mountain West, to the east coast of America.

In May 2014 Casey set foot on the Approach Trail at Amicalola Falls State Park. Hiking the Approach Trail north, it was his intention to complete the whole of the Appalachian Trail. Casey never completed the trail, after repeated and unrelenting knee over-use injury it was his decision to leave the trail in favor of preserving the long term health of his knee. He will be back and happily looks upon the experience as highly positive. Read some of his insight in this article.

2015 was spent in Massachusetts supervising and developing wilderness trips programs for Christodora’s Manice Education Center. Casey looks forward to more opportunities to develop admin-level adventure programming.

2016 has been a hiatus from the adventure world as Casey works to start an entrepreneurial venture back in his home state of Michigan. With a little creativity and luck, perhaps he will bring his entrepreneurial know-how to the outdoor and adventure world.

2016 also has seen the beginning of a freelance writing career and expansion into the greater web space. To see other sites Casey has worked with as a writer or contributor, just check out my contributions. Got a website? I’d be happy to write for you as well, just contact me.

Casey would love to hear from you! He invites guest posts from fellow outdoor educators and outdoor enthusiast so long as the content is accurate and in keeping with the theme of this site. Casey is most assuredly a gear junkie, and is open to sponsored gear reviews. Contact him with any questions or proposals, no matter how trivial!


2 responses to “About

  1. Great little website here Casey. Really enjoyed the interview with Darran, my first year at CWC was his first year there. I’ll be sure to try and stop back here the next few months. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks, Josh! I’ll do my best to whip up some great quality content to have waiting for your next visit to this site.

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